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New And Surprising Techniques To Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain

When you suffer from a sudden twinge in your back stemming from your sciatic nerve, the pain and discomfort may be so intense that it knocks you off of your feet. Unfortunately, a pinched or painful sciatic nerve can hinder you from being able to stand, sit, walk, or work comfortably, and may leave you bedridden for hours, days, or even weeks. Medical professionals are constantly looking for ways to treat sciatic nerve pinches and the subsequent pain that occurs to help patients get back to their regular daily routines faster. So, get to know some of the newer treatment innovations that can help you with your sciatica now and in the future. 

Repurposing Medications

When prescription medications are developed, they are designed to treat very specific ailments and symptoms. However, once they are on the market and available, it is sometimes found that these drugs can be used to treat health problems other than those originally intended.

In the case of sciatic nerve pain, one of the most recent cases of this phenomenon is the use of a medication designed to treat arthritis. The arthritis medication is designed to treat and alleviate inflammation in the body and works just like your natural immune system to do so. While the use of this drug to treat sciatica is still considered experimental, an early trial showed promising results in pain reduction for those who are experiencing sciatic nerve pain. 

Additionally, antidepressants can be used to treat sciatic nerve pain. They are shown to help treat chronic lower back pain and have been used quite frequently and successfully for such purposes.

Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cells are basically on the cutting edge of most medical treatments in current medical research. In the case of sciatic nerve damage, stem cells show promise in helping to restore muscle function, strength, and usability following prolonged periods of sciatic nerve pain and even permanent nerve damage. 

The stem cells are actually gathered from muscle tissue and used to repair the sciatic nerve itself so that the muscles along the back, buttocks, and down the leg can be properly used again without severe, debilitating pain. While these treatments are largely still experimental, stem cell injections will likely soon become standard a standard treatment practice for sciatic nerve pain and damage. 

While you may already be familiar with the most common treatments for sciatic nerve pain, the landscape of medicine is ever-changing and developing. Keep these new and innovative potential treatments in mind the next time you suffer from sciatic nerve troubles and discuss the ways they can help you with your doctor. Contact a company like Parkwood Street Road Pharmacy, too, for more information.

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