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3 Simple Posture Tips To Help Alleviate Neck Pain During Pregnancy

While pregnancy can be an exciting process for most women, it does cause a number of unexpected changes. Some of these changes like fatigue and weight gain are not as painful to deal with as neck or body pain. You may experience increased incidents of neck pain during pregnancy because of the additional amount of pressure that is placed on your spine during this time. Your spine naturally has small curves throughout it. This helps to distribute force throughout your spine without causing injury. Pregnancy can throw this balance out of alignment and create pain throughout your body. Good posture during pregnancy plays an important role in how your body handles this additional stress. Fortunately, there are a few posture tips that you can use to alleviate neck pain during pregnancy.

Use Pregnancy Pillows for Back Support

Slouching is common in individuals who are not pregnant. Therefore, this bad habit does not just go away when you become pregnant. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of additional back support during your pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows can be used when you sit in a chair in order to alleviate pressure on your spine that causes lower back pain and neck pain. The pregnancy pillow should be placed in the curve of your lower back. Your back should touch the back of the chair that you are sitting in.

Keep Your Head and Chin in a Straight Line When Standing or Sitting

If your posture is out of alignment when you are standing or sitting, then this will impact the way that your head and chin sit. Bending your head backwards or forwards places additional pressure on your spine and neck. You may notice in this position that your neck or back begins to ache after only a few minutes. In order to prevent this, avoid straining your neck to look up or down. If something is below or above your current eye level, then adjust your position or chair to ensure that the object is as close to eye level as possible.

Avoid Standing or Sitting for Too Long

Sitting or standing in the same position for long periods of time can negatively affect your posture. The strain of maintaining that position will begin to place stress on your lower back and your neck. Instead, you should vary your seated or standing position at least a few times each hour. For example, you can sit in your chair for twenty-five minutes, spend another twenty-five minutes standing, then spend the rest of the hour stretching.

It can be difficult to completely get rid of neck pain during pregnancy. Therefore, use these posture tips to help keep the pain to a minimum.

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