Accidents Happen: A Guide to Children's Emergencies

Building The Perfect Family: 3 Considerations To Keep In Mind When Choosing To Keep The Egg Donor A Secret

If you're among the 11.9% of American women struggling with infertility, you don't have to let your reproductive system keep you from accomplishing your dreams of having a family. There are many different types of infertility treatments. Each is designed to treat a specific issue. If you don't produce any mature eggs yourself, finding an egg donor may be your best bet. While it's your decision whether or not to disclose to your children the fact that they came from an egg donor, those who are going to keep it a secret should keep these 3 things in mind when looking for an ideal egg donor.

Similar Physical Features

To avoid raising any suspicions, your children should look like you and your partner. Otherwise, your children are going to figure it out sooner or later. When choosing an egg donor, you'll want to carefully scrutinize and go over the portfolio of all candidates in order to determine whether any of the egg donors look like you or have the same type of physical features. For example, if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, you'll want to find an egg donor with the same features.

Blood Type Match

Another important key to keeping the secret successfully is to also consider the blood type of the egg donors. Make sure that the blood type matches yours. Nowadays, many science classes use blood type as an example to teach your children the basics of genetics. You don't want your children's blood type to be incompatible with both you and your spouse's. For example, if both you and your spouse has AB blood type, it's impossible for your children to have O blood type. Similarly, if both you and your spouse have O blood type, your children must have the same blood type.

Likelihood of Having Similar Interests and Hobbies

While this last feature may not necessarily be that important, it can help your future children better blend in with the family without noticing that they may been conceived with the help of an egg donor. For example, if your whole family is athletic, you might want to look for an egg donor who is also athletic. This way, there's a good chance that your future children will enjoy participating in sports with the rest of the family.


Keeping the egg donor a secret can be difficult. Make your life a lot easier by choosing candidates that are similar to you. This will help keep questions from being raised in the future. For more information, contact local professionals like Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine.

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Accidents Happen: A Guide to Children's Emergencies

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