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Catch Bunions Early To Keep Them From Getting Worse

Have you started to notice a bump on the outside of your big toe where it meets your foot? Perhaps it seems like your big toe itself is starting to be pushed inward. This is a bunion. While it may not be causing you any serious pain or discomfort right now, bunions can become quite uncomfortable when they get worse.  The good news is that since you've caught your bunion early, you can take these actions to help prevent it from getting worse.

Wear looser shoes.

Though there is a genetic component to bunions – you're more likely to get them if your parents have them – they are largely caused by wearing narrow shoes that don't give your toes enough room to move. Over time, all the pressure the shoes are putting on your toes causes your big toe to be pushed inward, leading to a bunion.

Go through your shoes and try on each pair. Toss any shoes that put pressure on your toes or have a narrow toe box. From now on when you purchase shoes, consider purchasing them a size wider to relieve toe pressure. Avoid heels as these are notorious for putting pressure on your toes and opt instead for flats.

Purchase a splint.

Most drugstores sell splints made specifically for people with bunions. These soft devices wrap around the outside of your foot, putting slight outward pressure on your big toe to help keep the bunions from getting worse. They also provide a little padding between your toe and the shoe, which keeps the bunion from rubbing and causing blisters.

You may want to wear your splint not only inside your shoes, but also at night – especially if you feel your bunions beginning to ache.

Get fitted for orthotics.

If your bunions seem to be worsening even though you've taken the steps above, it is time to see a podiatrist. They can custom design orthotic devices to insert in your shoes. These devices will essentially do the same thing as a splint, but in a more customized manner that may be more effective depending on the exact shape of your foot.

If you're beginning to develop bunions, don't ignore the problem until it starts causing you pain. Taking action now can prevent the problem from ever getting to that point. If you wait too long, you may end up needing surgery to correct the bunions. To find out more, speak with someone like Laurel Podiatry Associates, LLC.

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