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Pros And Cons Of Using A Diaphragm For Birth Control

When it comes to avoiding getting pregnant, there are many different methods of contraception for you and your partner to evaluate. While things such as the birth control pill and condom might immediately come to mind, there are other forms of contraception that you may wish to explore. The diaphragm is one such method. A cup-shaped device that is inserted into the vagina and positioned to cover the cervix, this form of contraception can be useful in preventing pregnancy. As with every form of birth control, there are some advantages and disadvantages to evaluate before you begin to use it. Here are some pros and cons of the diaphragm.

Pro: It Reduces The Need For A Condom

The diaphragm can be a viable contraception device for partners who do not wish to use a condom. While some men do not favor wearing a condom because of how it reduces the sensation, there are women who prefer that their men don't wear this device, either. When a diaphragm is properly in place, you and your partner can feel confident without the use of a condom.

Con: STIs Can Still Be An Issue

As with a selected group of other contraception types, the risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection can still be prevalent. While a diaphragm can reduce the risk of getting pregnant, it doesn't protect you or your sexual partner from getting an STI unless a condom is present.

Pro: It Doesn't Interfere With Sex

You and your partner may find that certain methods of contraception can interfere with your sexual activities to some degree. While there's always the concern that a male or female condom can reduce the sensation that you and your partner may enjoy, another issue with condom use is that you have to fuss with this device. For example, if you're enjoying some foreplay and decide to have intercourse, you'll need to stop while you find a condom. Because the woman can place the diaphragm inside her body well in advance of an expected sexual encounter, dealing with it won't be a hassle.

Con: The Use Of Spermicide May Limit Oral Sex

Women commonly pair the use of their diaphragm with spermicide to further reduce the likelihood of getting pregnant. Because the spermicide foam is placed within the vagina, it may be problematic with oral sex. For example, a man may not wish to perform oral sex on his partner because of the unpleasant taste of the spermicide.

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