Accidents Happen: A Guide to Children's Emergencies

Pediatric Dental Care: Why Your Child Needs It

Most babies are born with a complete set of 20 baby teeth (primary teeth) which typically start emerging at six months old. The primary teeth then fall out as a child grows through various childhood phases. However, some people don't lose their baby teeth for various reasons, including missing adult teeth. Such teeth are called retained baby teeth. Since your little one probably loves sugary treats and isn't too keen on dental care, they are susceptible to dental issues like cavities and gum problems. That is why proper oral hygiene and pediatric dental care services are essential.

What Is Pediatric Dental Care?

Dentistry has numerous branches, including pediatric dental care. This branch focuses primarily on children. The professionals responsible for your child's oral health are called pediatric dentists. Their duties include cleaning teeth, assessing the risk of cavities, treating dental diseases and injuries, and counseling kids on habits like thumb sucking.  

Why Do Kids Need Pediatric Dental Care?

Pediatric dental care benefits your kids in many ways. First, pediatric dentists check for any signs of oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. These problems often remain hidden in the earlier stages, so parents are likely to miss them. However, since dentists are trained and experienced, they can easily spot and treat them before aggravating. Besides, children need to be taught how to brush and floss their teeth properly. Note that there is a proper technique for brushing your teeth using either an electric or standard toothbrush. 

Flossing also has its own set of rules. As a parent, you possibly don't know everything about flossing and brushing. Fortunately, a pediatric dentist has sufficient knowledge and is more suited to teaching your kids about them. Finally, since your children are just starting to learn about proper oral hygiene and practices, they may not be cleaning their teeth thoroughly. If that persists for long, it will lead to bad breath, plaque buildup, gum diseases, and gingivitis. A pediatric dentist prevents that by regularly cleaning your kid's teeth using tools like ultrasonic dental scalers and dental mirrors.   

What Is the Best Way To Cover Pediatric Dental Care Services?

Children need to regularly visit a pediatric dentist to ensure their gums and teeth are in impeccable health. However, some parents may be unable to cover the costs of pediatric dental care. But, that shouldn't be cause for alarm because low-cost dental insurance coverage for kids is available. Pediatric dental care insurance is not solely for kids with parents that are financially strained. Capable parents can also use it for protection from unprecedented dental emergencies, which are often costly.  Remember, children are prone to major dental health issues, including caries, periapical lesions, and pulpal. And, since treatment for such problems can be costly, you will feel safer with insurance and spend less when such dental issues affect your loved ones.

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Accidents Happen: A Guide to Children's Emergencies

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