Accidents Happen: A Guide to Children's Emergencies

Get Your Child The Help They Need: Why Arrange For Home Health Care Services

If your child has a medical condition that needs extra care, talk to their doctor about home health care. If you're providing care for your child, you might not think you need the extra help. That's not the case though. Your child can receive a variety of support services through home health care. If you're not sure how home health care can benefit your child, read the list provided below. Here are five beneficial reasons to arrange for in-home support for your child.  

Occupational Therapy

If your child has developmental delays, they may benefit from occupational therapy (OT). Many parents think that children need to have office visits for occupational therapy. But, OT is available through home health care services. Your child can get treatment for speech deficits, and for help with fine motor skills. This service is especially beneficial for children who were born prematurely. 

Physical Therapy

If your child has a medical condition that affects their mobility, home health care can help. Home health care can provide in-home physical therapy (PT) treatment for post-operative recovery. In-home PT is also beneficial for injury recovery. But, physical therapy can also help with medical conditions like cerebral palsy. One of the benefits of home health care is that your child can get their physical therapy right at home. 

Medical Needs

If your child needs continued care for their medical condition, talk to their doctor. Some medical conditions might require your child to have IV therapy. Or, they may need daily support for their breathing treatments or wound care. Home health care can provide in-home support for those services. 

Family Support

If you're the primary caregiver for your child, you also need support. That's where home health care comes into the picture. Home health care can provide support for your family too. This can include respite care so that you can get away from the house from time to time. It also includes training so that you can better care for your child. If there are other family members who provide care, home health care can help them as well. 


If your child needs special equipment for their medical needs, it's time to arrange for home health care services. It's not uncommon for children to need special equipment for their medical needs. Some of that equipment can include nebulizers for asthma treatments and sleep apnea machines. It can also include oxygen. Home health care can provide those services as well. 

Contact a local home health care service to learn more. 

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Accidents Happen: A Guide to Children's Emergencies

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