Accidents Happen: A Guide to Children's Emergencies

Are You Looking To Buy A Headstone Memorial? Learn What Factors Affect The Price

Headstone memorials are typically not placed on graves. These memorials are typically items that are placed outside of cemeteries in honor of someone who has passed away. They may be placed at the base of a tree that was planted to honor the deceased, by a bench constructed in honor of that person, or near the entrance of a park that was named in honor of the person who passed. Regardless of where you are placing one, you should always take the time to shop around before buying one. Prices may vary from one company to another. While most people are aware that the size of the memorial and the material that it is made from affect the price, there are other, lesser known factors that also affect the price. Here are a few of the factors that affect the price of a headstone memorial.

What Type of Headstone You Are Looking to Buy

There are three different types of headstones that you can purchase when you are looking to buy a headstone memorial. This includes a flat marker that lies flat against the ground, a pillow top headstone, which is like a large brick or box, and a slant headstone, which is an upright headstone. Typically, a flat marker is the cheapest, with an upright headstone being the most expensive. As such, keep this is mind as you shop for a headstone memorial.

What Design Elements You Wish to Incorporate

Another factor that affects the price you will pay for headstone memorials is what design elements you want to incorporate. If you want just a name and date etched into the stone, you can expect to pay a lot less than someone who wants a poem, picture, or other design added. The simpler the design elements you wish to incorporate, the cheaper the price will be.

What Quality of the Craftsmanship You Want

The last factor that may affect the price you are quoted for headstone memorials is the quality of the craftmanship. Like many other items sold today, the quality of a headstone can vary drastically. You may be able to find a cheap one, but it may be etched by machine and have unfinished edges. Likewise, you may find a very expensive one that is carved by hand by an experienced and quality headstone engraver. Always ask a company for samples and pictures of their work and then determine if the quality of the work matches up with your expectations.

A headstone memorial is meant to honor someone who has passed away. As such, you want the piece to be a lasting tribute. Taking the time to price out headstones will help you find the perfect headstone for the deceased at a price you are willing to pay. For more information, contact local professionals like Maurice Moore Memorials.

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